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WPL - De No. 1 in houtexpeditie

The WPL total concept works

These days it is no longer simply a question of getting the wood from A to B. There is a lot more to it and there is so much you have to know, with regard to paperwork and legislation too. WPL will be delighted to take care of the shipment, warehousing and distribution of your wood products from producer to client. All the requisite logistics and administrative actions are included in our total concept, but we go even further!

We work with fully-automated stock management. We carry out visual quality checks on all cargo, any damage ascertained immediately being recorded for you. If required, we take care of the unpacking and repacking of the cargo. We are, of course, ISO certified, so you can be sure that everything is correctly documented. This means that with the single touch of a button we know the state of affairs regarding your cargo, which results in easier handling and shorter waiting times as regards loading.

Your logistics partner

Do you want to organise the customs formalities yourself? That is fine. Would you prefer to leave it to us? That is fine too. An additional module to the total concept ensures that all the requisite customs formalities are taken care of. You really notice the difference. With WPL as your logistics partner, you know for sure that your cargo is in good hands and you can focus on your core business...