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WPL - De No. 1 in houtexpeditie

WPL looks further

WPL uses all the ports in the world. We choose the right exporting and importing ports for you, based on the origin and destination of your cargo. We also choose the most appropriate method of transport, that is the traditional manner (break bulk) or container transport, depending on the nature of your cargo.

The subsequent transport from the port in question to the final destination may also affect this choice. And, because we transport a great deal of wood, we can even combine cargos to achieve keener prices.

Overland transport... fast and efficient

Wherever your cargo has to go, we make sure that it gets there on time. Your final destination and the delivery date determines the method of transport we choose after the sea transport. Transport by lorry, container, train, inland vessel or coaster are all options. If necessary, we can warehouse your cargo for you for any period of time you require. WPL has up-to-date warehouses at its disposal which have also been accredited by the Plant Health Department. We can unpack or repack your cargo for you here as well. The cargo is always inspected on the spot so that you know its precise condition.